Japan's oldest jeans factory
Japan's oldest jeans factory that has been sewing since the beginning of domestic jeans production in Kojima.
When I started making jeans, I imported an American sewing machine and sewed them.
Currently, we use old sewing machines that bring out the taste of denim and new sewing machines that improve the quality of products, and continue to produce as a factory specializing in sewing particular products.
Japan's oldest jeans factory
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*You can observe the inside of the factory through the window.
Operating hours / 9:00-17:00 weekdays
Closed / Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, New Year holidays

Parking: 10 cars in front of Jeans Museum
30 cars in front of Betty's & Outlet store
1 wheelchair accessible parking space on the north side of the dog run

At the Betty Smith Kojima Factory, the birthplace of domestic jeans, you can observe the factory through the windows from outside. On weekdays (including some Saturdays) when the factory is in operation, you can observe the jeans being sewn. See how jeans are still made as "Made in Japan."
In front of the factory, we set up a "Kojima Tourist Information Corner" that introduces the highlights of the Kojima area in Kurashiki City. In addition to posting a Kojima sightseeing map, there are about 30 types of brochures for facilities in Okayama Prefecture and around Kojima Station, leaflets for restaurants, etc. for each area. In addition to jeans, Kojima is also a production area for canvas and tatami mats.
There are many attractions and attractive products in each area, so please use Betty Smith as a starting point for walking around Okayama and Kojima.
Next to the sewing factory, there is a facility of "Kurashiki Order Jeans" where you can make "the only original jeans in the world" according to your body shape. Choose from about 50 premium fabrics, dozens of buttons, rivets, leather patches and sewing threads. After you place your order, we will carefully sew each item at our head office factory and deliver it to you. Please order once and experience it.
There is an outlet and Betty store behind the garment factory, and a museum across the street. We sell domestic denim products made in a sewing factory. Please feel the texture for your hands.
Betty Smith sells "Ecobetty ecobetty", a brand of small items made from recycled jeans, at Betty's Store & Outlet. There are various products such as bags and pouches. It's reasonably priced, so why not give it as a small gift for yourself?
Jeans stitch thread has a variety of expressions depending on the color and thickness.
This technique is used when you want to emphasize the stitching or when you want to create a casual look.
Check out Betty Smith's stitch work at Betty's Store & Outlet.
The oldest jeans factory in Kojima, producing workwear and jeans since the 1960s when domestic jeans were born. At a jeans factory that specializes in "sew each one carefully", we sew Betty Smith brand products and order jeans. Across the street is the Jeans Museum. You can learn the history of domestic jeans. Please do not miss.