[EVENT] Denim Day Thanksgiving & Order Fair

20 years of making the ultimate jeans
In addition to selvedge, there is also gold and silver thread denim.
Special options are available, such as silver buttons made by artisans in Asakusa, gold thread made in a Kyoto workshop, and silver thread stitching.
Enjoy the essence of denim processing, which has evolved uniquely in Japan.

It has been 20 years since we started the industry's first "custom jeans" in 2003. We have been making more than 25,000 pairs of jeans, the only ones in the world, and these are the ultimate jeans that only Betty Smith, the oldest jeans factory in Japan, can make.

We will be holding a fair at each store to once again convey the appeal of this product and to show our appreciation for your continued patronage.




The essence of making a "one of a kind" piece, with a one of a kind pattern and choice of materials


・Customer-specific pattern production
You can create a pattern to fit your body type in the style you prefer.

・Approximately 50 types of fabric
We offer fabrics worthy of the ultimate denim, from standard denim to 18oz selvedge and denim with gold thread used for the weft.

-About 40 types of buttons and rivets
In addition to classic and vintage style buttons, we also carry pure silver buttons that are handmade one by one by artisans in Asakusa, making them a perfect item for a lifetime.
Here are the parts that add color to denim.

- 26 types of stitches
We pay particular attention to detail because denim has prominent sewing threads. We can also choose from 26 different stitches to create a two-color color scheme, and we can also finish it with special stitches using gold and silver threads that can only be produced in a limited number of workshops in Kyoto.

・All-special leather labels
There are about 20 different types of leather labels to choose from, including special leathers such as cowhide and sheepskin. Among them, Codevan uses a special leather that is only produced in Japan at a factory in Himeji.

・Sewn by a single craftsman in the oldest factory in Japan
Custom-made jeans are completed by one craftsman at our headquarters factory in Kojima, where he is responsible for all sewing processes.

・The "denim processing" technology that has evolved in Japan
Denim processing, which began in Japan and has evolved in its own way, is also finished with the ultimate finish by combining various processes such as stone washing and distressing.



Denim Day Thanksgiving
October 26th (Thu) - 29th (Sun)

To coincide with Denim Day on October 26th, a fair will be held at each Jeans Museum & Village store.
Please take this opportunity to visit us.


・Order Salon
Special gift for those who order during the period
One-shoulder bag for purchases of 50,000 yen or more
Purchase over 70,000 yen and receive a large denim tote bag
Boston tote bag for purchases of 100,000 yen or more
Double Present Denim Calendar

・Jeans making experience factory
Rare pony leather label for free

・Betty's Store
Lots of great items!
Limited Outlet Marche Returns

We look forward to welcoming everyone.