[EVENT] Summary of Betty's Golden Week events

We have compiled information about Betty's Golden Week events.


Why not come and enjoy denim with your family and friends this Golden Week by looking at, eating, and making things? You might even find some exclusive bargains! Please feel free to stop by!




5/3(Wed) - 5/7(Sun)

Location: Jeans Museum & Village Lawn Area

Shops with ties to Kurashiki will gather in the lawn area! How about some delicious food and drinks to go with your jeans? In addition to food such as Shin Takomeshi, hamburgers, and Sichuan Dandan noodles without soup, you can also enjoy craft cola and specialty coffee! Please come and discover new "food" in Kojima♪




Denim suit order session

5/3(Wed) - 5/4(Thu)

Venue: Jeans Museum VIP Room

We will be holding a custom-made suit order event for two days only. Please take this opportunity to come and make your own authentic denim suit. Reservations are required.




Denim pattern carp streamer

Event Dates: 4/18 (Tue) - 5/7 (Sun)

Location: Grass Square in front of Betty Smith Head Office Factory

The denim pattern carp streamer was created in collaboration with Tokunaga Carp Streamer, one of Japan's top carp streamer manufacturers, and has become a symbol of Kojima. This year, we will be welcoming everyone with a new design.



Kurashiki Textile Workshop (exhibitor) 

Event Dates: 4/28 (Fri) - 5/21 (Sun) 10:30-16:00

Location: Kurashiki Ivy Square Ivy Academy

Thinking about the future of textiles from Kurashiki. An exhibition and sales event where textile manufacturers from Kurashiki gather together. Workshops are also planned. For more information, please contact the organizer of "Kurashiki Textile Workshop."