[EVENT] 2023 S/S Denim Suit Order Event

Kurashiki order jeans

For single use4Delicious!?

New release: "Custom-made denim suit with vest"


If you're a denim lover, you're probably aware of the versatile nature of this material.

If you make a suit with a vest out of that denim material...


1.Turtlenecks for suits

2.For the bestTshirt

3.Jacket with faded jeans

4.Slacks with a polo shirt

You will feel an exciting expansion of fashion possibilities!


In line with the taste of the material, attention has also been paid to the feel of the tailoring to ensure that the garments are soft and light to wear.

Travel fever is on the rise this early summer. Why not try making new discoveries at the denim theme park "Betty Smith"?

They also accept orders for individual items, so for those who are hesitant to jump straight into a suit, it is recommended to start with a vest, which is quickly becoming a trend.



Betty Smith denim suit order event

20223Year5Month3Sun (Wed)5Month4Sun (Thurs)

Store: Betty Smith Kojima Jeans Museum (VIPRoom)

*Reservations are required on a first-come, first-served basis.2Held for days

*Reservation times are10Time ~16Time



Price: Custom order price for suit with vest¥130,900-(tax included) ~

Single item best order price¥31,900-(tax included) ~

Single jacket order price¥63,800-(tax included) ~

Single slacks order price¥35,200-(tax included) ~

Delivery time: Approx.6Weeks ~

For inquiries, please contact: Betty Smith Co., Ltd.

Postcode711-0906Kojima Shimomachi, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture5Chome2No.70issue

TEL:086-473-4460/ https://betty.co.jp/