Jeans Museum 1
The first jeans museum in Japan. Opened in 2003.
Currently, about 50,000 people visit Kojima every year,
and it is also registered with the Japanese Association of Museums.
In Hall 1, the history of jeans that was born in the United States and the historical background are introduced in an easy-to-understand manner through panels and exhibits.
Many valuable materials are on display, such as the original model of the provided by Levi's, and the Union Special sewing machine used exclusively for heavy-weight jeans when the production of jeans began in Japan.
Jeans Museum 1
free entrance
Business hours / Winter hours: December-February: 9:30-17:00 Summer hours: March-November: 9:00-18:00
Closed / Year-end and New Year holidays

Parking: 10 cars in front of Jeans Museum
30 cars in front of Betty's Store & Outlets
1 wheelchair accessible parking space on the north side of the dog run

Admission is free. You can learn the history of jeans while having fun.
Betty Smith's mascot "Betty-chan" welcomes you at the entrance of the museum!
First, take a commemorative photo with Betty.
Be sure to post as #BettySmith #Betty-chan on SNS!!
The museum is free to enter! You can learn about the history of jeans while having fun, so many parents and children come here.
Please come to Kojima's "sightseeing spot" Betty Smith.
We highly recommend our Betty Smith Museum & Village for girls' trips and family trips.
Take a tour of the Jeans Museum and create unique jeans-making experiences that are rarely experienced!

Founded in 1962, Betty Smith is a jeans maker that always takes on new challenges, such as being the first to launch a women's jeans brand in Japan.
In 2002, when this museum opened, we started a custom jeans service called "DENIM WORKS".
On the 2nd floor of the Jeans Museum, we have prepared a "reserved VIP room" where you can enjoy the "jeans making experience" by renting it out for just one group.
It is ideal for those with small children, those who want to have fun with only their friends, and those who want to avoid contact with other people.
Enjoy a special, relaxing time with your family, couples, or friends. You can use it for "+1 hour 3300 yen" for normal experience.
Reservations can be made online or by phone. [086-473-4460] Please feel free to contact us!
From the veranda of the VIP room on the second floor, you can see the grounds of Betty Smith. Sit down and feel the breeze blowing from the sea of Kojima.
【traffic guide】

【traffic guide】
・Public: Take the Seto Ohashi Line (for Kojima or Takamatsu) from JR Okayama Station, get off at JR Kojima Station, and take a bus or taxi for about 15 minutes.
* From the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter area, transfer to the Seto Ohashi Line via Okayama Station, or take a public bus (there are multiple routes, get off at the bus stop "Jeans Museum Iriguchi", "Ojien" or "Okakuma", it takes more than an hour). Please come.
・By car: About 15 minutes from Kojima IC on the Seto Chuo Expressway