Betty Smith's garden is open to the public. Anyone can use it.

Operating hours / 9:30-17:00
Closed / Year-end and New Year holidays

Parking: 10 cars in front of Jeans Museum
30 cars in front of Betty's Store & Outlets
1 wheelchair accessible parking space on the north side of the dog run

Betty Smith's garden is carefully maintained by the staff so that visitors can spend a pleasant time. Please enjoy the trees and flowers that color the season slowly. There is also a farm on the premises. There are also irregular events where you can harvest tomatoes and potatoes. It would be nice to sit on the bench and think about the history of Kojima Jeans.

There is a dog run right next to the garden where you can play with your dog. Please come with your dog.
There is an observation deck on the premises that offers a panoramic view of the surrounding area.
There is also a museum and a jeans-making experience factory, so it would be nice to explore with your children.
There are various places on the grounds where you can relax or enjoy a stroll. Please do take a stroll.
There are some benches and tables in the garden.
On nice days, come and have a picnic with your family, as a couple, or with your dog.
From children to the elderly, please relax while gazing at the Kojima sky.
You can bring your own lunch box to the premises, so please stop by when you are on a sightseeing trip.