Betty's Farm
Betty's Farm is popular for tomato picking in summer and sweet potato digging in autumn.
Betty's Farm
Operating hours / 9:30-17:00
Closed / Year-end and New Year holidays

Parking: 10 cars in front of Jeans Museum
30 cars in front of Betty's Store & Outlets
1 wheelchair accessible parking space on the north side of the dog run

Children love nature. At Betty Smith, we create an environment where you can come into contact with nature.
The staff dig the fields themselves, plant seedlings, and take care of the flowers and trees.
You can experience harvesting seasonally, and there are lots of fun events.
Seedlings grow rapidly in summer. There is also a dog run next to the farm.
Please come with your family to Betty Smith, which is full of nature, with your dog and other pets.
The tomato picking experience will be held from around July in the summer.
We will announce the event on SNS, so please follow us or contact the staff for details.
Cotton flowers are planted in front of the Jeans Museum. Fluffy cotton balls are rare, so you may want to touch them. It is for viewing, but if you want it, please ask the staff.
Imobori parties are held irregularly with potatoes in spring and sweet potatoes in autumn! This is a free event for children only.
Event information will be announced on SNS (Instagram, homepage, Twitter), so please follow us!