Betty Smith Dog Run
There is a dog run that can be used at any time in the garden in the village.
The grounds are maintained by staff who pull weeds without using herbicides.
The facility has running water, making it a space where you can let your dog play safely.
ベティスミス ドッグラン
Dog run
Business hours / 9:30-17:00
Closed / None
Facilities / Drinking fountain and foot washing area
Betty Smith welcomes families with dogs!!
The dog run is located right next to the central parking lot on the premises.
Dog-specific T-shirts and accessories are on sale at "Betty's Store & Outlet" on the north side of the parking lot.
Enjoy a relaxing day in Kojima with your dog.

You can play with your dog at the free dog run. Please take a look at Kojima's walking course. There are drinking fountains and foot washing areas, so you can spend your time comfortably.
Betty Smith sells Kojima Jeans, accessories, T-shirts, and more.
Please come with your family (including dogs).
You can run around freely while feeling the seasons of Kojima. There are benches on the premises, so please take your time and relax. I wonder if I can make friends!?
Memories of Kojima, the holy land of denim.
The grounds are maintained without the use of herbicides by our staff. Please use with confidence.
If it is a small dog or a medium-sized dog, you can play enough. The facility is fully equipped, so please come with your pet.
Dogs will wait quietly for a little while. We also recommend matching with your dog.
At Betty's Store & Outlet, dog-specific T-shirts are now on sale. You can also shop after playing at the dog run. You can also purchase it at the online store.
Have a great time in Betty Smith, the town of Kojima Jeans. All the staff are waiting for you.