Kojima, the birthplace of domestically produced jeans.
Our company, Betty Smith, was founded here in 1962 as Japan's first manufacturer of women's jeans.
Since then, the company has built its position as a leading manufacturer of women's jeans, while also founding the Eco Betty brand of accessories made from recycled jeans fabric in 2002. The following year, it opened the Jeans Museum.
In the same year, we started offering fully custom-made jeans ("Custom-made Jeans"), and for the past half century we have continued to present new values to the jeans industry.
Our corporate attitude of always taking on new challenges will not change in the future. Betty Smith has defined the "creation of a jeans culture in Japan" as our corporate mission, and we hope to continue to actively create new values for the next half century.
Kojima, the birthplace of domestically-manufactured jeans in Japan... In 1962, our company was established in this place as the first domestic manufacturer of lady's jeans. Since the establishment, the company has built an excellent status as a leading manufacture for lady's jeans, it also brought a new industrial perspective and successfully developed a brand of small articles called "Eco Betty" in 2002 as recycling leftover cloth from a jeans manufacturing company. In the following year, the "Jeans Museum" was opened as the first jeans museum in Japan. The company has also been continuously proposing new values to the jeans industry for the past half century, while it took an initiative to start manufacturing the world's first "fully custom-made jeans" in the same year. Our company's spirit as always challenging for a new endeavor will not be changed at all from now on. At Betty Smith, it defines "Creating a Japanese jeans culture" as a corporate mission, then we certainly would like to actively create new values for the next half century on a continuous basis.

Company Information

Company Name
Betty Smith Co., Ltd.
April 1962
Main office
5-2-70 Kojima Shimonomachi, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture 711-0906
TEL: 086-473-4460 FAX: 086-473-2789
Tokyo branch
Ebisu Workshop
5F NN States Building, 2-4-7 Ebisunishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0021 MAP
TEL: 03-5457-2461 FAX: 03-5457-2462
[Domestic factory]
・Ikeda Factory (Tokushima Oshima Clothing Co., Ltd.)
〒778-0002 2150-1 Ikedamachi, Miyoshi City, Tokushima Prefecture MAP
TEL: 0883-72-0855 FAX: 0883-72-6226

[ Shanghai factory ]
・Zhangjiagang Bespoke Clothing Co., Ltd.
No. 1, Zone D, Chengnan Industrial Park, Yangsha Town, Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, China MAP
TEL: (86) 512-58261817 FAX: (86) 512-58261205

Business content
Planning, manufacturing and sales of casual jeans
60 million yen
45 (including 10 part-timers)
Board member
Yasuhiro Oshima, President and Representative Director
Managing Director Ichiji Nishiyama
Kengo Oshima Director and Development Manager
Director Toshio Oshima
Auditor Akira Watanabe


Established Oshima Kamekichi Shoten. Started manufacturing Daimaru brand school uniforms, women's uniforms, and work uniforms.
Established Oshima Clothing Co., Ltd.
Produced corduroy jeans for export to the United States.
Started manufacturing jeans using denim imported from the United States.
"Betty Smith" was born as a girls division of the Big John Group.
Entered the jeans industry as Japan's first women's jeans manufacturer.
Developed Japan's first curve belt for women's jeans.
Proposing dinner jeans at “LOVE BIRD”.
Design jeans are sent out under the “SCORE” brand.
Launched men's division.
Tie-up with Big Smith (USA) (continued until 1999).
Introduced in elementary school social studies teaching materials.
Started "Eco Betty", a small item using scraps of denim.
Jeans museum and outlet shop open.
Began working on industrial tourism.
The industry's first made-to-order jeans started.
In recognition of the creation and popularization of Japan's first women's jeans, Kunio Oshima, the chairman of the board,
is commended as a person of merit for the development of industrial technology in Okayama Prefecture.
A tie-up project with JR West Japan, "Ordered Jeans 'Made to Order Tour'" has started.
The experience factory is open.
Jeans Museum Building No. 2 (Domestic Jeans Hall) opens.
The Jeans Museum joins the Japan Museum Association and the Okayama Prefectural Museum Association.
"Jeans Museum Mae" bus stop completed and started operation.
In collaboration with Tokunaga Koinobori, we produced denim-patterned carp streamers.
Started selling BRIDE Eurostar 2 BettySmith, the industry's first denim sports seat.
In collaboration with Sanrio, a Hello Kitty jeans-making experience and sales of accessories started.
Produced a denim mask, which has been well received during the corona crisis.
Betty HOME started at Kabaya Home Kojima store.
The experience of making jeans has been recognized for its uniqueness and acquired a patent.
At Betty Smith, we are particular about quality,
Manufactured in our own factory.
In addition to the main factory in Kojima, there are two factories in Japan and one in China.
Utilizing 50 years of jeans manufacturing technology, experienced craftsmen carefully finish each one.
That is also the feature of our products.
Okayama Head Office Factory
5-2-70 Kojima Shimonomachi, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture MAP
TEL: 086-473-4460
FAX: 086-473-2789

Established in 1962, Kojima's oldest jeans sewing factory.
We have a variety of equipment for sewing jeans, including the Union Special sewing machine that is used to manufacture jeans in the United States, and have inherited traditional manufacturing methods.
Eco Betty
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