[NEWS] Announcement of the sale of collaboration T-shirts / Large size store Forel, Arigato Farm


Betty Smith offers a wide variety of T-shirts that are suitable for everyone.

This timeCollaboration product between "Plus Size Store Forel" and "Arigato Farm"We would like to introduce you to...!




\Large size T-shirts/




Brands developed by Haruyama Shoji Co., Ltd."Plus Size Store Forel"WithCollaboration products.
Not sold by Betty SmithLarge size (3L to 6L)T-shirts will be on sale from May.

[Large size T-shirts] Sizes: 3L to 6L


※To purchase products,The following FOELL storesPlease use the Forel online store.

FOEL Minato Kita Tokyu Store Forel Ichihara Gosho store Forel Tsukuba store
Forel Kawasaki Dice Store Forel Takasaki Main Store Forel Hachinohe store
Forel Fukuyama store Forel Ota store Four El Shizuoka SBS Street Store
Forel Toyohashi Sato Store Forel Utsunomiya store Forel Fukuoka East Store
Forel Kofu Showa Store Forel Mito store Forel Neyagawa store
Forel Okinawa Chatan store Forel Tenri store Forel Himeji Shikama store
Forel Chiba Chuo Miyakomachi Store Forel Okayama Nishinagase store Forel Toyoake store
Forel Sapporo Kiyota store Forel Itami store Forel Niigata Sakuragi store
Forel Sayama store 4L Yorktown Ichinazaka store Forel Higashikoshigaya store
Forel Oita Minami store Forel Matsuyama Asada Store Forel Numazu Gakuen Street Store






\Thank you Farm collaboration T-shirt/

ありがとうファーム×BettySmithコラボ 障害持ったクリエイターが描いた、世界に一点のTシャツ
Thank You FarmWithCollaboration products!
T-shirts printed with illustrations of Betty Smith by creators with disabilities,
We sell one-of-a-kind hand-painted T-shirts.


→ [Betty illustration T-shirt] S to XL sizes available at Betty's Store and online store

→ [Thank You Farm Creator Hand-drawn T-shirt] S to L size unisex 1 size per design Betty's Store exclusive
*Some items may already be sold out.






\Recycled denim T-shirt/

This environmentally friendly T-shirt is made from small denim scraps and old denim that have been recycled and turned back into thread.

[Recycled denim T-shirt] Sizes: M, L, XL

*Limited to Betty's Store locations





\Other recommended T-shirts for this season/

This season, new original T-shirts have been added, inspired by items from the 70s and 80s, including tie-dye and BIG SMITH reproduction T-shirts.




Please come and see us at our store or online shop.