[NEWS] Reopened on 2024.04.19 (Fri.)!!

To mark the 20th anniversary of the opening of the Jeans Museum, the entire village will be transformed into aUnder the theme of "The Whole Jeans Museum,"Renovated over a year.Friday, April 19, 2024It was newly opened in.
Please come and visit the Betty Smith Jeans Museum & Village, where you will find the charm of jeans!


Betty's Store
In the spacious shop,The product is filled with ingenious designs that allow you to feel the story behind its creation.
Location: Head Office Building 1F (please enter from under the arcade)We have moved to.

Under the arcade is a shop with the slogan "Reduce the amount of things you throw away and make things that can be used for a long time."Introducing Betty Smith's initiatives.



Custom Jeans Salon
The experience of coming to Okayama and ordering at the workshop is even more special.It has been transformed into a shop.
The location has moved to in front of the experience factory.


Jeans Museum
The Second Jeans Museum has added an experience corner and revised its exhibits. It is packed with the history and technology of Kojima's textile industry, which started out by producing school uniforms and work clothes, and has since evolved into domestically made jeans.
In addition, at the Daiichi Jeans Museum, you can learn about the history of jeans, which originated in America, and how they flourished in Japan.We have enhanced the exhibits to make them easier to understand and more interactive.


BS Cafe & Gallery
At the cafe on the first floor of the Second Jeans Museum,We have also added more jeans-themed menu items.
The store also carries books related to jeans, fashion, and Kojima.Enjoy delicious drinks and sweets while experiencing the jeans culture.vinegar.


The only facility in Japan where you can enjoy jeans culture.Jeans Museum & Village"We look forward to welcoming everyone.