[Tokyo] DENIM SUITS & JEANS ORDER FAIR 9/21(Thu.)-24(Sun.)


Betty Smith Ebisu workshop will hold a denim suit ordering event


The highly popular custom-made suit fair will also be held at our Ebisu workshop in Tokyo.

If you are looking for an authentic denim suit, don't miss this opportunity.


[Betty Smith x Denim Suit Fitter Takagi Launches]
During this period, a professional denim suit fitter will take your measurements.
Takagi: "Have you ever ordered something but it just didn't quite fit? To create a favorite piece of clothing that you can wear for a long time, the most important thing is actually communication between the customer and the fitter, even before the measurement technique. In addition to body type and habits, counseling before the measurement can also bring out needs that the customer was not even aware of."

You will be assisted by professionals who are qualified in suit sales.
It incorporates fine corrections that allow you to capture the body in a more three-dimensional way.
In addition to our excellent fitting techniques, we will make suggestions that take into consideration your lifestyle.


Event name: Betty Smith denim suit order event
period:20223Year9Month21Sun (Thurs)9Month24Sun (Sun)
*Reservations are required on a first-come, first-served basis.4Held for days
*Reservation times are10Time ~16Time

Participating store: Betty Smith Ebisu Workshop
Delivery time: Approx.6Weeks ~
For inquiries, please contact: Betty Smith Ebisu Studio
NN States Building 5F, 2-4-7 Ebisu Nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0021

Price: Suit (Fitter line) Order price¥132,000-(tax included) ~
Single jacket order price¥85,800-(tax included) ~
Single slacks order price¥46,200-(tax included) ~

Denim Suit Fitter
Wataru Takagi(Wataru Takaki)Born in Okayama
After training as a suit maker
Supervisor at a famous tailor
After working as a merchandiser and buyer, he became independent.
A denim suit developed in collaboration with Betty Smith.
We are working to discover new possibilities and spread them around the world.