[EVENT] The 24th Kojima Hina Doll Festival


"Kojima Hina Tour" held in conjunction with Kurashiki Hina Tour

At the Former Nozaki Family Residence, a variety of Hina dolls, large and small, will be displayed together.

Also, at the Jeans Museum, Betty Chan will welcome visitors dressed in a Hina doll costume, and in the surrounding area there will be displays of unique Hina dolls, such as sake brewery Hina dolls and Hina dolls dressed in school uniforms.


Be sure to celebrate the Girls' Festival in Kurashiki or Kojima.

We look forward to seeing you all.


Event Dates: 2/25 (Sat) - 3/12 (Sun)

Location: Former Nozaki Family Residence and other locations in Kojima

For more details, please visit the following website.

Kojima Hina Doll Tour



Kurashiki Hina Dolls Festival