Kurashiki Custom Jeans ~2021 Fall/Winter Materials & New Options~

Kurashiki order jeans
*The photo shows Denim Works Indigo Call (ready-made).

Kurashiki Order Jeans 2021F/W

Introducing our carefully selected fabrics and new options for made-to-order jeans for autumn and winter.

The new fabrics include carefully selected soft corduroy and soft, warm denim.

We are also bringing back the slant pocket option, which has been highly requested.

The autumn and winter season is a fun time to get fashionable, so why not find a piece that is just for you?



Soft Thermocol ¥38,000 (¥41,800 including tax)

Corduroy is a classic material for autumn and winter. Its stretchiness and soft texture make it comfortable to wear.

This corduroy has been improved to be even warmer by using heat-generating fibers.


<ORM-1048A Beige>


<ORM-1048B Black>


Fleece denim ¥38,000 (¥41,800 including tax)

The warp thread is made of fine cotton yarn, and the weft thread is made of ultra-fine polyester yarn entwined with stretchy polyurethane.

It features the light weight of polyester and the soft feel of ultra-fine yarn. The brushed finish gives it an even warmer and softer feel.


< ORM-1049 >


Slant Pocket Option

We have jeans-like L-pockets as standard, but for customers who are used to wearing slacks,

Adds slant pocket option.

You can also choose a single welt pocket for the back pocket.

Please feel free to use this option as well.

Slant pocket ¥5,000 (¥5,500 including tax)



Single welt pocket ¥4,000 (¥4,400 including tax)



Kurashiki Order Jeans carries a wide range of classic denim, from thick cotton materials to stretch materials that are easy to move in.

In storesKurashiki Order Jeans Salon Betty Smith Ebisu Workshop You can order at.

Additionally, with people still spending a lot of time at home, in-home orders are also popular.

Repeat customers can also order from home.

For details, please contact the following.

Betty Smith Ebisu Workshop, Custom Jeans Specialist

TEL 03-5457-2461