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"Amazing Inventions" Stories: "Jeans"


Programs that provided materials at the Betty Smith Jeans Museum"Amazing Inventions" Stories: "Jeans"will be broadcast on NHK ETV.

Not only will you be able to watch it in real time, but it will also be available on demand, so please be sure to tune in.


Broadcast date and time: Wednesday, August 25, 2021, 10:00 PM to 10:50 PM 

*Broadcast times may change due to high school baseball games or emergency news.

The broadcast date and time has changed due to the Paralympics coverage.

Broadcast date and time: Sunday, August 29, 2021 [E-TV] 0:55 am *Saturday night


NHK ETV (You can also watch it on NHK Plus and NHK On Demand)
In our series introducing great inventions, we're looking at casual and cool clothing, jeans. The story begins with the meeting of two men during the Gold Rush era.
Cast and others
[Starring] Nozomi Sasaki, Satoshi Kakui (vintage jeans collector)

[Narration] Kubota Hitoshi

Jeans were born as durable work clothes during the Gold Rush era, and over time they have become a unique fashion item that everyone has at least one pair of, regardless of occupation or age. Why have they been loved for so long in the fashion industry, where trends come and go? They are durable and last a long time. However, the manufacturing process also places a burden on the environment... What are the sustainable efforts that overcome this challenge? We will uncover the secrets of "jeans."