[Media information] Broadcast on March 5th (Sat) from 9:25am RNC "Happy Mood"


Betty Smith, the oldest jeans factory in Japan, will be featured on RNC Nishinippon Broadcasting's morning information program "Shiawase Kimochi."

Please take a look!

March 5th (Sat) 9:25-10:25am

Learn from the past! What we want to convey to the world through the ages
We feature things from Okayama and Kagawa that we want to pass on through the ages. We introduce a soy sauce brewery that preserves the traditional wooden barrel making method, a chef who continues to pass on the local cuisine of Shodoshima to the present day, a wonderful shop that collects our favorite American vintage furniture and miscellaneous goods, and Japan's oldest jeans factory that makes high-quality jeans.