Future mask sales plans



Future mask sales plans


We have received an overwhelming response to the masks, and have confirmed that they are being resold, but we are continuing to produce them, so please be patient for a little while longer.


[Future sales schedule]

May 12th (Tue) Denim mask

May 15th (Friday) Plain and patterned 3-piece set

May 18th (Monday) Hickory Denim Mask

Sales start at 8pm


[Product Shipping] Products will be shipped in order after your order is placed.

You may purchase up to 5 masks per person.

Each person may only purchase one set of three plain or patterned items.

*Please refrain from purchasing for the purpose of resale.

[Price] 1 piece ¥1,200 (excluding tax), set of 3 plain patterns ¥3,600 (excluding tax)

[Size] F Unisex

[Sales site] Betty Smith official online store






[Rubber specifications]


Please note that the rubber specifications will differ from the initial shipment.

If the string is too long, please adjust it by tying it yourself.


▽Set of 3 plain and patterned items, hickory denim

The string is white and will be sent untied so that you can adjust the size. Please tie it yourself to the appropriate length.


We produce denim masks on an ongoing basis, so please purchase only as many as you need.


Additionally, pre-orders are currently suspended due to limited production numbers.

We will make a decision while monitoring the balance between future production conditions and customer demand.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


◆Precautions when purchasing products

We have received an overwhelming response to the denim masks, and we expect them to be busy when orders begin.

Please note that the product is not reserved at the time you add it to your cart, and it may be sold out depending on the timing. Your order will be completed (the product will be reserved) when you press "Confirm Purchase".


◆About shipping

We will ship via Yamato Transport for a flat rate of 550 yen.

Please note that we are unable to accept mail orders.