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A collaboration between Yanmar and Betty Smith

Universal design work apron launched



Yanmar Co., Ltd. (Head office: Osaka City, President: Takehito Yamaoka) and Betty Smith Co., Ltd. (Head office: Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture, President: Yasuhiro Oshima) have jointly developed a universal design work apron that is easy for anyone to put on and take off. This apron will be sold to the general public in addition to being used within the company.


Yanmar is actively engaged in business activities in Okayama Prefecture, which is well suited to the cultivation of agricultural crops, including the production of agricultural machinery and the recent establishment of the Bio Innovation Center Kurashiki Lab, a plant-related research and development center. In addition, Betty Smith has been planning, manufacturing and selling high-quality domestic Kojima jeans in Kojima, Kurashiki, a town that has prospered as a textile industry town. This time, the aspirations of the two companies, both of which are engaged in business activities in Okayama Prefecture, coincided, leading to the realization of the collaboration.


This apron has a universal design that makes it easy for anyone to put on and take off, and the waist straps feature a hook-and-loop fastener featuring Yanmar's corporate color red. The apron is made from high-quality domestic denim and is manufactured at the Betty Smith Okayama Head Office Factory as a highly durable work apron. This product will be used by employees of Yanmar Symbiosis Co., Ltd., a special subsidiary of the Yanmar Group, when doing farm work, and will also be available on Yanmar's e-commerce site, "" will also be sold to the general public at Betty Smith's headquarters and Ebisu workshop, as well as at some Takashimaya stores.


■About the collaboration project

History of the initiative

・At Yanmar Symbiosis, a special subsidiary company that mainly carries out agricultural work at Yanmar's plant-related research and development base "Bio Innovation Center Kurashiki Lab" in Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture, there were requests for more efficient work that is tailored to each individual's abilities, as well as for durable, easy-to-use work clothes. While working on improving work based on these opinions, Yanmar contacted Betty Smith, a traditional jeans manufacturer in Kurashiki, and the two began joint development in January 2018.


・Yanmar's desire to realize a resource-circulating society, "A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE," and Betty Smith's desire to tackle environmental issues, such as with its accessory brand "Eco Betty," which reuses leftover jeans fabric, coincided, leading to this collaboration.


■ Product Overview

Release date: Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Sales price: 6,900 yen (excluding tax)

Main retailers: Yanmar EC site "", Betty Smith main store, Betty Smith Ebisu workshop

Some Takashimaya stores (Nihonbashi, Yokohama, Tamagawa, Shinjuku, Kashiwa, Osaka, Kyoto, Okayama, Gifu), etc.


Betty Smith Official Online Shop


Key Features:

・Points of emphasis

By using a hook-and-loop fastener on the waist strap, we aimed for a universal design that makes the apron easy to put on and take off. The fabric is made of high-quality domestic denim, and the pockets are made of scraps of fabric with various designs. Also, to prevent scissors and other tools from falling when working at high places, the pockets have grommets for attaching straps. It can be used not only for farm work, but also for a variety of purposes such as home gardening, DIY, and cooking.



- 3-way design that can be used for a variety of tasks and locations

1.Neck style

The apron is worn around the neck like a regular apron, protecting the entire body from dirt and water, and is made of durable denim fabric that is resistant to abrasion caused by carrying work. The front pocket has a double layered bottom so there is no need to worry about sharp tools being pierced or torn. There is also ample space to store writing utensils, smartphones, etc. There are also grommets for attaching straps to prevent scissors from falling when pruning at high places.


2. Waist wrap style

In greenhouses, where temperatures are high, many workers work at low positions, with tools placed at waist height. By making it easier to work while crouching, we have achieved both ease of movement and functionality by making the loincloth style only cover the waist.

3. Storage pocket style

When temporarily carrying harvested vegetables or other items, you can fasten the buttons on the left and right to create a simple pocket.

When using it for DIY, you can temporarily store small parts, making your work easier.


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